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Welcome to Trionic - Your supplier of high-quality and unique mobility aids. Our Swedish rollators and walkers promote your mobility, your health and your enjoyment of the outdoors. At Trionic you'll find rollators and wheeled walkers with pneumatic tires, hub brakes and patented solutions like the Trionic Climbing Wheel and the Trionic Syncro Steering.

Our offer:

  • The Trionic Veloped is in fact the only true off-road walker on the market, and it's your modern alternative to a rollator.
  • The Trionic Walker is the new premium class among rollators, and it offers you a great outdoor performance and a very high comfort level.

We want you to enjoy the best product experience in the market of our field; the ultimate mobility aids for urban and outdoor areas.

We Pursue Our Wild Ideas.

Product Reviews  

  • Very good choice for a disabled girl, almost 9 years old...!

    We bought the Trionic Veloped to our daughter. She is nine years old this summer so Veloped is not really suited for her size yet. But, we still think it works very well in terrain and that was exactl...

  • Trionic Walker 12er

    My 87 year old mother is thrilled with her new walker. Instead of rattling along uneven footpaths and struggling up and down kerbs she now glides effortlessly over all the bumps and up high kerbs. Not...

  • Most life-changing piece of equipment I've ever bought!

    I suffered a severe spinal injury in February, 2009, just slipping on an icy path.
    Overnight, I went from an independent, hard-working, active 43year-old; to having to be hospitalised for a month, be...

  • It doesn't get any better!

    Never will I forego the great tool which has given me back so much joy of life! Because of multiple sclerosis I was unfortunately no longer able to move about in nature. This led to great annoyance fo...

  • Trionic

    Makes the difference in mobility.

  • Trionic Walker, a great device!!!

    Just a great device, the 'Trionic Walker', which I ordered the end of June 2015 in Uppsala. Two days later, the Walker was already there. Due to a herniated disc which I had suffered in a fall from a ...

  • My new sense of balance

    My father-in-law is 86 years young and has visual and balance problems. When he walks (like a penguin), with his legs apart and with splayed arms, he has to concentrate very hard on his balance, which...

  • This fantastic purchase has given me a new lease of life.

    I am a relatively young woman who has become disabled with poor mobility over the last 3 years or so. I knew I needed something to support my walking and enable me to carry things, but the traditional...

  • Trionic 14er Walker

    This is a great walker...very well made and design...great walker if you are 2 meter tall like me...thanks again for the team at sweden for all your help.

    from Steve
    Brisbane, Australia

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