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Veloped Tour 12er L black/reflex/red


My new sense of balance

My father-in-law is 86 years young and has visual and balance problems. When he walks (like a penguin), with his legs apart and with splayed arms, he has to concentrate very hard on his balance, which makes him so fatigued that he starts to falter after 2-500 m. So after 1,000 m, that's it; he has to sit down so as not to fall backwards. We could no longer go for walks with him because of it being so laborious. Over the winter, we were in Spain on the Mediterranean and bought the Veloped. He himself says that's the best thing one can want, to be back in public without any problems. Now he can walk 7 to 10 km without any weakness and he enjoyed it everyday on the strand promenades. The most important thing after eating and sleeping is his Veloped. Thanks for the super idea of the double wheel, kerb edges are simply no longer there.

Dr.adelbert Ott

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