Purchase Terms & Conditions

These purchase terms and conditions apply when you as the consumer (hereafter referred to as "you") order goods from Trionic Sverige AB (Organisation Number 556698-1527) on Trionic's website. By purchasing from us, you accept these terms and conditions. In order to complete an order on the Trionic website, you must be at least 18 years of age. Trionic maintains the right to change the purchasing terms and conditions as needed, without informing you beforehand. The version of the terms and conditions which apply to your order is the one that is available online at the time of your order. These terms and conditions were most recently updated on 20 July 2016.


All prices include value-added tax, except for citizens of the United Kingdom who are eligable for VAT-relief. Shipping charges are added to all prices. All orders at a value above 200,00 EUR include free shipping within the European Union. For deliveries to countries outside of the EU, the value-added tax (VAT) is automatically deducted before you confirm your order.


You can order online in our web shop, over the phone +46-8-522 100 50, or via e-mail to [email protected]


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days after delivery without having to provide any explanation, provided that the product and its original packaging are in unchanged condition, meaning that the product is unused (new) and not broken or damaged. You may of course carefully examine your purchase, which for a Veloped or Walker includes one single short outdoor walk, in dry weather, not exceeding 500 meters.
Returned products should be sent to:
Trionic Sverige AB, Märstagatan 8,SE-75323 Uppsala, SWEDEN, e-mail: [email protected] - Phone: +46-8-522 100 50.

For any order within the EU exceeding a value of 200,00 €, Trionic Sverige AB will bear the shipping cost of the return, provided that the item is returned in its original condition, as well as kept in its original packaging.For any order at a value less than 200,00 €, the buyer/customer is responsible for the return shipping cost.


Customers can choose between the following payment methods:

Credit Card

Credit card transactions shall occur according to the rules for online payment as established in Sweden and the EU. We use the Svea Ekonomis/Webpays PCI-DSS-certified card payment method. We accept the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and VisaElectron. The money is reserved in your account when the order is received. All transactions are sent via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which is an extremely secureand encrypted. No credit card numbers are saved. We use the latest in safety technology when it comes to online credit card payment: 3D-Secure— a standard designed by Visa and MasterCard in order to create a secure way to verify online consumers.

Direct payment via your online bank

Pay directly from your online bank. Trustly will set up a secure connection to your online back where you can pay quickly and securely without leaving this website. This payment option is free and you do not need to register. However, you do need to use your online bank login information in order to pay with Trustly. For more information, go to www.trustly.com

Advance Payment

After you have placed your order you will receive an invoice. When we have received your payment, your order is shipped.


Pay quickly and safely by using PayPal. You can choose to fund your payment from your PayPal balance or via a charge card or credit card linked to your PayPal account. For more information, go to www.paypal.se. Pick Up In Store If you choose to pick up your items in store, payment will occur on-site along with giving you your purchased items.


We ship our goods with the Swedish Post or UPS. Deliveries usually come within three (3) work days, counting from the order or purchase date. All of our packages are insured during shipping. Make sure to examine the package directly upon receipt for possible damage during transport. All transport damage must be submitted to the shipping company within 24 hours. You will receive a conformation of your report, which you should then send to us, together with the original packaging and a copy of your invoice. Please contact us before you return the product.

End of Purchase Agreement

Your contracting partner for all orders is Trionic Sverige AB, Märstagatan 8, SE-75323 Uppsala, Sweden. The contract of sale shall be completed upon Trionic's fulfilment of said contract, which occurs upon the delivery of the goods. When ordering via telephone you shall receive verbal information regarding the receipt of your order as well as the details of the contract. When ordering via Internet you shall receive electronic information (via e-mail) regarding the receipt of your order as well as the details of the contract.

Right of Withdrawal

According to distance selling regulations, you as the customer have the right to return your purchase within 14 days after receiving it, without any need to provide a reason. This is provided that the product and its original packaging are in unchanged condition, meaning that they are unused and not broken or damaged. You may not use the product, but may of course carefully examine it. You can cancel your purchase verbally or in writing (via telephone, letter, or e-mail), or by returning the product. Your right to cancel the contract of sale at the earliest occurs right after the contract of sale takes effect and you have received this information. The right to cancel the purchasing agreement depends upon either the goods or the cancellation being forwarded on time. Cancellations or returns can be sent to: Trionic Sverige AB, Märstagatan 8, SE-75323 Uppsala, SWEDEN, e-mail address: [email protected] - Phone: +46-8-522 100 50.

Ownership Rights

The goods shall remain property of Trionic Sverige AB until complete payment is received.


Our responsibility for delivery is annulled if we ourselves do not receive the correct delivery or if it is not delivered out on time. We are not responsible for the incorrect availability. If the item cannot be made available for delivery we will immediately inform you.


Trionic Sverige AB offers a guarantee period for a total of 10 years for all Velopeds and walkers. This warranty is not valid for parts/components worn out by normal wear and tear (for example, but not limited to, tires, tubing, brakes). Our warranty is valid from the purchasing date and only for the original purchaser of the product. Varnish damage is not covered by the warranty. We maintain the right to repair damaged products or to replace them with a new model. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper or unspecified use, for example, but not limited to, neglect (lack of care and attention), transport, and excessive use along with changing the product and/or its components. Warranty entitlements are limited to the aforementioned person and possible transport costs are not included.


Trionic Sverige AB reserves that it may make possible mistakes on the company website. Trionic Sverige AB maintains the right to change any information, including but not limited to, prices, technical specifications, and product offers, without previous notice. Trionic reserves the right to stop selling products as well as to change the products offered in its inventory.

Force Majuere

If a party is kept from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances over which the party had no control, like lightning, working conflict, fire, changed government provisions, government intervention as well as incorrect or delayed service from subcontractors due to circumstances stated, it shall be considered grounds for extension as well as relief from damages and other possible consequences.

Protection of Personal Information

All personal information is handled in accordance with PUL. The data necessary to complete a transaction is saved and submitted, within the context of delivery, to in-store participating companies. Read more about our personal information policy.

Disputes and Choice of Law

Swedish laws apply to these terms and conditions. In the case of a possible dispute, we refer firstly to the Allmänna Reklamationsnämnded (ARN), and always follow its recommendations. In the case of possible disputes, you can also go here: ec.europa.edu/odr


Trionic Sverige AB, Märstagatan 8,SE-75323 Uppsala, SWEDEN, VAT identification number: Sweden: SE556698152701 / UK: GB646202654.

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