Oct 2 2018

Ahhhh Trionic how do I love thee? —Let me count the ways!

Good looking, strong, light, and able to conquer all types of terrain! What's not to love?! After over two years using the Trionic rollator, I am completely happy! I highly recommend Trionic.

Its true; part of the reason I love my Trionic rollator 12er is because it just looks cool! I know, I know, that sounds so superficial—yet, it is important. I'm an active 53 year old with two teenagers, and I've had multiple sclerosis (MS) for over twenty-five years. When I walk around with my Trionic, it gets all of the attention instead of my wonky legs!! But that is not all… this rollator has so much more to offer than good looks. The Trionic rollator is solid and stable yet light enough for me to easily lift it in and out of the car! The Trionic rollator has brakes that work in the rain! From the tires—to the brakes—to the styling and fine construction, I feel good pushing this baby around! That good feeling keeps me pushing!

“The Trionic rollator has brakes that work in the rain!”

It was 1991, and I was 26 years old when the doctor told me that the optic neuritis and the tingling in my extremities would likely go on to become MS. “Get yourself a wheelchair picked out and start preparing for disability,” he told me… but I'm kinda stubborn, so I responded by becoming as active as possible.

Why? Because I just wanted to move while I still could. I stopped using elevators - stairs for me! We lived in Marin county, just north of San Francisco, at the time, and I immediately stopped driving to work and began commuting on my mountain bike.

Within a year, I was able to ride up Mt. Tamalpais in Marin! That's a 2,000 foot (610 meters) climb straight up! Turns out all the top research shows exercise is the best thing a person with MS can do to prevent progression of the disease! Lucky me!!

It's twenty-seven years later, and slowly but steadily, my mobility has become more limited. Today, I am grateful to live in a small coastal town in Northern California north of San Francisco. Unfortunately, our little town is tough going for a conventional rollator—some of our “sidewalks” are grass!

We have some cobblestone streets and many gravel trails… the Trionic handles it all easily. Yes, I have MS, but life is still full of adventure! I'm not done living. I still have much to explore — I still have much to give! With my Trionic, I can enjoy the gravel paths along the coast. With my outdoor rollator from Trionic, I can explore the botanical gardens with my kids. With my Trionic, I can go all over Mendocino Village… with my Trionic rollator, I can live! — Check them out!

Thanks for the helping hand,

James N —Trionic user since 2016

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