Veloped Tour 14er L black/reflex/red

14"/36 cm wheels • Size L • Air-pressured tires • Grip height 33.1"-41.0" • Body height 6'1"-6'11" • Comfort seat, basket & rain cover

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Veloped Tour 14er size L

With the Veloped Tour you will enjoy daily comfort and practicality. It is very well suited for taking a stroll in the park, for going shopping and for everyday activities. The roomy basket loads your groceries from the supermarket, and bringing them home is a joy with all the benefits of the climbing wheel and the air-filled tires.

To provide optimal seating comfort, the seat depth has been increased to 30 cm.

The Veloped Tour is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). It also has a CE mark.

Dimensions & Weight

Size L
Grip height 33.1"-41.0"
Body height
Max user weight
330 lb
Guarantee 10 years excl. parts subject to normal wear
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The Veloped Tour 14er is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). It also has a CE mark.

Functions & Features

The Veloped Tour 14er is equipped with the following functions and features:

14" Big Wheels

14" Big Wheels. Performance is Everything.

A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel. With the 14”/36 cm big wheels you’ll manage obstacles and rough ground, and your comfort level will increase on any uneven surface.

Why bigger wheels? »
Foldable Frame

Foldable Frame. Easy Storage.

By pressing the buttons on the telescopic folding stay, you can fold the Veloped in two steps. When folded half-way, it still rolls when you push it and you can easily pass narrow doorways etc.

Learn how to fold »
Trionic Climbing Wheel

Trionic Climbing Wheel. Conquer All Obstacles.

With the unique and patented Trionic Climbing Wheel you’ll easily overcome up to 15 cm high obstacles like curbs, rocks and roots, without having to lift the Veloped at all.

Why bigger wheels? »

Slide the Seat Forward. Enjoy an Upright Posture.

When the seat is slid forward the Veloped provides plenty of walking space within the frame. This means that you can walk closer to the grip handles, which automatically results in a more upright and ergonomically correct body posture. The U-shaped and ergonomic grip bar offers several grip positions, and while seated it acts as a back support. The grip bar can be freely height-adjusted in order to suit your body height perfectly.

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Slide the Seat Forward

Air-Pressured Tires

Air-Pressured Tires. Performance is Everything.

The Veloped Tour 14er is equipped with air-pressured tires that offer you a softer ride and unbeatable comfort. As they do not cause vibration like solid tires do, you are less prone to suffer pain and discomfort.

Excellent comfort »
All-Terrain Brakes

All-Terrain Brakes. Safety First.

Thanks to the Trionic All-Terrain hub brake system you can always rely on an optimal brake performance, regardless if you are walking in sunshine, pouring rain or deep snow. The brakes are fully protected from dirt, water and snow.

Optimal Safety »
Trionic Brake Lever

Trionic Brake Lever. No More Plastic.

The all-aluminium brake lever offers you a solid and high quality feel. When activating the parking brake the parking trigger is easy to operate, and it offers you three different options to engage it.

Motion- and parking brake »

Slide the Seat Forward

Comfort Seat & Basket. Water-Repellent and Durable.

To provide optimal seating comfort, the seat depth has been increased to 30 cm. The longer comfort seat, in combination with rigid plastic inserts, offers plenty of support along the legs.

The roomy basket has a zippered pocket for smaller items, with an integrated rain cover.

An additional detachable rain cover is included with the Veloped Tour.

More about the textile kit »

Detachable Wheels

Detachable Wheels. Easy to Transport.

The Veloped Tour 14er has detachable wheels with push-button quick-release axles, and you can quickly and easily detach the wheels in order to minimize the transport weight and the dimensions.

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Award-Winning Grips

Award-Winning Grips. Perfect for Your Hands.

The Ergon GP1 grips offer you a very comfortable grip. They are ergonomic and distribute the weight you put on them evenly. The grips are angle-adjustable and come in sizes S & L.

Ergon GP1 Grips »
All-Terrain Design

All-Terrain Design. Enjoy the Outdoors.

Thanks to its 3-wheeler design, the patented climbing wheel and considerably bigger wheels, the Veloped is the only truly off-road capable walker/rollator in the world. When walking on uneven and rough ground, the Veloped beats any rollator, every time.

All-terrain capable »

New Veloped Frame

New Veloped Frame. Stronger, Cooler, Better.

For the 2017/2018 Veloped range we have developed a completely new frame. The frame is welded from unique hydroformed 6061 alloy tubing, which guarantee you years of hard use. 2-layer powder coating and a cool sticker kit make for stunning looks.

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100% Stainless Steel

100% Stainless Steel. True Outdoor Quality.

Since years Trionic uses screws, nuts, washers, axle shafts and small parts made from stainless steel. The new 2017/2018 Veloped models also have wheel ball bearings and quick-release axles made from stainless steel.

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Trionic X-Country Tires

Trionic X-Country Tires. Lighter, Softer, Faster.

Puncture protection, skin walls, reflective logos and a carcass made from a high-quality 60 TPI weave that is supple and very strong. For You the new Trionic X-Country tire offers lighter weight, a higher comfort level and a better grip.

X-Country Tires »

Optimize Your Veloped Tour 14er

We are all unique, and we have different preferences and requirements. When ordering you can choose between different tires, tubes and grips, in order to customize your Veloped Tour 14er according to your needs.

Grip Options

Grip Options. Fit Them Like a Glove.

Customize your cockpit with different grip options. The Ergon grips are offered in two materials, rubber and BioKork, and in two sizes; S (6.5-8.5) and L (8.5-12.0).

Grip options »

User Guides

The documentation for this product includes the manuals and instructions listed below. You can choose to view the documentation online or download it for local use.

Customer Reviews

Great Mobility Aid
Has allowed me to walk in a fashion that increases my stride and I am quickly getting in better physical condition. I can walk in a more upright position which doesn't irritate my back like a previous walker did. It is amazing how the climbing tire in the front rooms over curbs and other obstructions. The pneumatic tires absorb shock and the front tires provide some suspension relief. I really like the Veloped!
TRUE Enjoyment
I have had my new Trionic Walker for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier.

I have gone on walks for miles and it has operated fabulous, no getting caught in cracks anymore, walked on gravel trails last weekend PERFECT!
Pictures to follow, but if there is anyway you can get yourself one of these beauties, DO IT! You will be GLAD you did.

Thank you Oshin, you are the Greatest!
God Bless You.
Karen Miller
An excellent help for my illness
I am thrilled with the high-quality production and fully assembled delivery of the Veloped. With a height of 194 cm, I can walk very well on it and have a firm footing even in the wind. Direct contact to Trionic by email works very well.
Walking whereever you want
There are many little towns in Germany, where the pavements are cobblestone. The Trionic Veloped makes it easy to walk around. The wheels are the best you can have, also for walking in the woods and fields.
Regained Freedom
Very strong workmanship. Easy removal of the wheels for transport in the car. The basket is practical for jacket, dog leash etc. The height adjustment of the handles is very easy. The curved handrail is very useful for going uphill. Tested over roots and wild boar holes… all without a problem. The seat can be slid forward for more walking space.
My Trionic "Fishing Ghillie" keeps me fishing [and walking].
I am aged 84 with bad legs and balance;a passionate salmon fly fisherman.This year my balance is so bad that I can't fish in the normal way[standing up in a rocky river] without falling in !However my Veloped Sport is enabling me to keep fishing.I was recently fishing on the river Dee near Balmoral,Scotland and it worked well,fishing whilst sitting down in 30cms of water;although at times I was asking too much of it because of the rough ground and the size of the boulders but a friend was able to pick it up and move it down so I could fish the length of the pool.In some easier parts of the river this should not be necessary.Extremely well made and designed with the service from Trionic being really first class ,helpful and friendly.
I emailed Stefan in Sweden to ask various questions about the Veloped. He phoned me back and he couldn't have been more helpful. He was able to match the price of a UK supplier, who offered the Veloped VAT free for people with a registered disability such as me. I was initially concerned that I would not be able to try out the Veloped before I made a final decision to purchase, but Stefan assured me that I could trial the Veloped for one day out of doors, and if not happy I could return it free of charge.
After agreeing the price, I placed an order for a Veloped Sport, it was delivered within 3 days and I unpacked and assembled it in less than half an hour. I used it the next day and knew at once that I would keep it.

It is a wonderfully innovative piece of equipment, very well engineered, very strong and not too heavy. It folds up and fits in the car boot when the wheels are removed (which takes only a few seconds). I have already done several walks of around 3 miles each over rough ground, fields, tracks and of course roads and pavements. The Veloped performs superbly in all conditions. I have a balance problem, but the Veloped allows me to walk in a straight line and I am able to look around at the scenery once more without stumbling or falling down.

It is so easy to use, already whilst out walking I sometimes forget that I am using the Veloped. It is such a brilliant feeling and I know that I can now start to plan some great walks around my local area of the Peak District of Derbyshire and further afield.
I would certainly recommend this machine to anyone with a walking difficulty and also recommend going straight to Stefan to make your enquiries, he is so helpful and efficient.
I know I have gained a lifetime of freedom.
I'm a twenty six year old woman, born with a mild spastic tetraparesis (a "lighter" form of cerebral palsy). It affects both my hands and legs: despite years of physiotherapy, I was only able to walk arm in arm with a carer. I found out about Trionic through my long search for a rollator that would be able to support and help me lead an active lifestyle. From my very first inquiry to the shipment of my Veloped and beyond, Stefan was extremely helpful and explanatory about every question I had, answering promptly and clearly. My Veloped (a 14er Tour) fit my needs like a glove! It has managed to support my independent walking, without supervision, with all kinds of terrain. It has not budged through hard rocks, sand, dirt roads, cobblestone and thick vegetation. It's stylish, sturdy and easy to use: it has managed to overcome great obstacles with just the touch of my hand and responds immediately to every alteration of my gait. I cannot express how much it has changed my life for the better! Definitely worth every penny and more: I know I have gained a lifetime of freedom.

Kind regards from Greece
I searched the web and contacted Australian mobility aids companies trying to find an 'off road' rollator for my husband to use it around the house paddock on the farm. While he has a quad bike, ute and tractor for getting around, the farm, he'd had to rely on his walking stick in the garden and sheds as an indoor 'rollator' just wouldn't make it. I bought it as a surprise for him and he was very happy to test it out with excellent results, it is given him more freedom to get around. As for the shipping, well that was just amazing as I watched it travel from Sweden to Australia and also arrived 2 days before the due date!. Well done Trionic.
This fantastic purchase has given me a new lease of life.
I am a relatively young woman who has become disabled with poor mobility over the last 3 years or so. I knew I needed something to support my walking and enable me to carry things, but the traditional walking aids left me feeling underwhelmed, to say the least. Then I discovered the Veloped and I can't believe how great it.
Looks = right on trend. The veloped has definitely attracted a good deal of attention since its purchase.
Cost = a considered purchase for many but well worth it! In particular, if you take advantage of spreading the payments, interest-free.
flexibility = absolutely amazing. The ped turns on a sixpence. So light and manoeuvrable I wonder how I ever did without it. the basket on the front is really useful and to be able to sit down on a sturdy and comfortable seat is brilliant.
Overall = I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. Even before I had bought it Stefan spoke to me by instant message and responded fully to every question I had. this was really important to me and it showed that the company have every confidence in their product. I have had it for about 4 weeks now and Share that confidence unreservedly.
It arrived really quickly, in order to delivery 3 days. It was well packaged and was so easy to put together I was up and running in less than 15 minutes.
Although it doesn't actually fold up, it does easily slide together to significantly reduce the width and the handles lower making it fit comfortably on the back seat of a Toyota Aygo.
I am absolutely thrilled
Fantastic product!
The Veloped Tour is the Rolls Royce of rollators (infact it isn't correct to call it a rollator-its so much more) I thought long and hard about making this purchase as it isn't cheap but am so glad that I decided to buy it. For someone like me who has mobility issues, it is a godsend. It is sturdy yet light to push and the seat is very comfortable. The basket holds loads making it a joy to go shopping with. It performs brilliantly in shops and off road and avoids the juddering sensation you get on uneven surfaces with a traditional rollator. It folds and fits into the back of my Meriva and I wouldn't go anywhere without it now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Veloped and the company who invented it. Stefan is so helpful and gave me the opportunity to try it out for a day and to return it free if I wasn't happy with it. Excellent service and wonderful product!
Although the Veloped Tour is an expensive investment, it is well worth it.
It has given me mobility that no other rollator provides. I can now navigate uneven terrain, cobble stone streets, curbs and even pot holes with ease. I intend to take it with me to Europe for use on a river cruise from Budapest to Prague. Hopefully, it will enable me to keep up with the group during walking tours. I could not be happier with this amazing product.
Brilliant Product
After buying a Veloped Tour in 2014 I had no hesitation in purchasing the 9 er Rollator to help support me around the home. It is much sturdier than other walkers I have tried giving me the support to help with my balance and walking which is affected by MS. Although costing more than other walkers it is well worth the money. The online support given by Stefan was so helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. Janet Berry
My new sense of balance
My father-in-law is 86 years young and has visual and balance problems. When he walks (like a penguin), with his legs apart and with splayed arms, he has to concentrate very hard on his balance, which makes him so fatigued that he starts to falter after 2-500 m. So after 1,000 m, that's it; he has to sit down so as not to fall backwards. We could no longer go for walks with him because of it being so laborious. Over the winter, we were in Spain on the Mediterranean and bought the Veloped. He himself says that's the best thing one can want, to be back in public without any problems. Now he can walk 7 to 10 km without any weakness and he enjoyed it everyday on the strand promenades. The most important thing after eating and sleeping is his Veloped. Thanks for the super idea of the double wheel, kerb edges are simply no longer there.
As someone affected by Parkinson's I am able to walk longer distances again in the countryside.
During walks, the Veloped is my reliable partner. Especially now after switching to a friction brake with one-handed operation (like on a bicycle), I feel very safe even when going downhill. As a person with Parkinson's disease, up until now I could only walk a few 100 m with one or two canes. With the Veloped, I could increase my radius to over 1,000 m.

I thank Mr. Kindberg for his friendly and helpful support for all questions and problems. Thank you very much! Michael Köplin
Trionic means freedom for me.
As an enthusiastic walker who also likes to travel with my dog through woods and meadows, I had to give up this pleasure at some point because of my progressive muscle disease. A rollator I bought from another Scandinavian brand was able to maintain my mobility in the city, but walking on cobblestones has been a difficult endeavour. Then my Internet research led me to my Veloped and as of then my dog and I were happy again. Some time later, the smart Swedes brought the Walker on the market and I added the 12er Walker to my fleet. This is optimal in the city area, so that I am now perfectly equipped for all occasions. The customer service is also very excellent—fast, competent and uncomplicated—full recommendation!!!
It doesn't get any better!
Never will I forego the great tool which has given me back so much joy of life! Because of multiple sclerosis I was unfortunately no longer able to move about in nature. This led to great annoyance for me during holidays on the North Sea. No walking on the beach, in the forest or on paths through the fields—neither the rollator nor the wheelchair helped me. Until I discovered the Veloped! We were three times now on the road with the Veloped on different terrains. There is no surface where the Veloped does not grip; it even brakes on ice! Presumably, through the other posture I was able to cover several times as much as my usual distance. Why haven't I known about this sooner?!?! This terrific product should be familiar to all disabled people who like to get about in nature or on difficult routes like cobblestones, gravel or uneven paths with many edges. It gave me back so much quality of life! Many thanks, Mr. Kindberg! The very good quality and the possibilities that result from it justify the price.
Most life-changing piece of equipment I've ever bought!
I suffered a severe spinal injury in February, 2009, just slipping on an icy path.
Overnight, I went from an independent, hard-working, active 43year-old; to having to be hospitalised for a month, bed-ridden for 3 months, and convalescing with kind friends for 9 months, until I was, eventually, well enough to return to my home home - in a wheelchair, with an adapted vehicle, and a mobility scooter for 'longer' trips out, as my injury permitted.
I have been left permanently 'disabled', with a partially paralysed leg - and a very 'delicate' back/spine.
As well as the 'physical' injuries, I found the 'emotional backlash' equally as hard to deal with.
Having worked with children with special needs, prior to my injury, I was quite used to the 'stigma' that being 'disabled' entails, but to experience the difficulties of getting around in an 'able-bodied world' first-hand led to my feeling massively frustrated, and exhausted with effort, as well as very fed-up - to say the least!
My gradual rehabilitation has involved the researching and purchasing of various items of equipment, as required...starting with a wheelchair, then a mobility-scooter...and, eventually, the Consultant agreed that, in September 2010, I could begin to try and learn to walk again.
The problem was, I live in a very rural location, on a farm, surrounded by woodland and meadows - which is often muddy and wet (this is England, after all!).
I tried a 'conventional rollator' to start with - but couldn't manage the uneven ground, and was terrified of sliding, as the tires and brakes seemed insufficient, and my spine was jolted over bumps...
However, the mobility scooter was also struggling with the terrain - so, in desperation, I put in "all-terrain rollator" into the search engine on my laptop - and up came the VELOPED!
It seemed everything I was looking for - combined in one piece of equipment.
Was it too good to be true?
I ordered one to be tried out for the week-end....and can honestly say, it began to change my life.
The quality and design is breathtaking.
Every bit of the 'machine' has been so well thought-out and functional - and, suddenly, I not only felt comfortable being 'upright' again, but SAFE.
The all-terrain tires and magnificent brakes gave grip on mud and snow, and the pneumatic design took the 'bumps' and jolts away from my spine, and were absorbed by the Veloped, instead.
The adjustable handle-bars were ideal - raising the rubber, sturdy, hand-grips at just the perfect height for me - whatever my condition that particular day.
If I was tired, I can lower them and put more of my weight through my arms (thus taking the strain off my spine for a while), whereas, on a 'good' day, I could have them higher, so I am walking more 'upright' and with less upper-body support.
The quick-release lever moves them, easily and quickly, into position when the Veloped needs to be folded for transport in my little car - and the numbered column means I can easily put the hand-bars up to 'my' individualised height when I'm ready.
When walking, the 'sporty' seat slides right into the centre of the frame, so, unlike other rollators, I am walking 'upright' in the middle of the frame - in the perfect walking posture.
Good, comfortable grip is established on the handle-bars with my hands, and the effective brakes mean even steep downhill sections of wooded paths are suddenly accessible to me again, and safe (as when my legs are weak, the Veloped brakes 'for' me).
In fact, the Veloped is equally at home' in Town or Country.
The 'climbing-wheel' enables me to negotiate tree roots or rocky ground in the woods, pebbled beaches and coastal paths by the sea, and pavements, shop-doorways and kerbs in the Town.
Crossing roads is easy - even when the basket is full of groceries - there is no lifting involved!
When I am tiring, the 'sporty' seat is easily and quickly slid into position, and provides a comfortable and supported means of sitting - so that I can take necessary rest when in a supermarket queue, or can enjoy taking time to enjoy a favourite view, when out with my dog.
(I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is nearly 13 years old - and even he opted for a ride home in the basket of the Veloped last week, when we were out for a particularly long walk!)
It is so lightweight, also, and folds down for transporting in my car - I have found it no problem to take on an aircraft either.
The quick-release wheels also remove for storage, and, when I had a puncture, recently, it was readily repaired by dropping the tyre off in a bicycle shop for the inner-tube to be patched, whilst I went in the hydrotherapy pool!
Physically, my muscle-tone, stamina and posture continue to improve with every outing, and, being enabled to negotiate steep hills once more, I am experiencing aerobic exercise for the first time in over 2 years - to the benefit of my lungs and heart.
Perhaps the most 'life-changing' aspect of my obtaining the Veloped has been emotionally, though.
Having been so active, prior to my spinal injury, I was very downcast with being unable to access the countryside where I live, and my confidence had dropped considerably - especially as I had become so aware of people's attitude to me, when in a wheelchair or on my mobility-scooter.

I found people assumed I was mentally impaired also, or unable to do anything, physically, for myself - and was often 'grabbed hold of' and pushed along in my wheelchair, when my desire was to self-propel!
Being 'upright' again, and surrounded by the sturdy frame of the Veloped, I am 'protected' from being knocked over when in crowds, but am also very much back 'in control' of my own direction!

The glances I draw now, are NOT those of 'pity' at my being unable to get about, but admiration at the nature of the terrain I am conquering, and wonder and awe at the nature and design of the Veloped that is enabling me to do so!
I can honestly say that it has, indeed, been the most "life-changing" piece of equipment that I have ever purchased.

I also believe it will remain in the family for many years also, as, when I may have recovered sufficiently to no longer need it, my elderly Father has his eyes firmly fixed on it, for his use!

I am forever grateful to the Trionic Team for designing and producing such a wonderful piece of kit - invaluable to all of us who have difficulties with mobility, access and having the confidence to be ourselves!
Thank you so much!
Dimensions & Weight
Frame size: L
Grip height (adjustable): 84 - 104 cm
Recommended body height: 185 - 210 cm
Length: 107 cm
Width: 79 cm
Grip width (center-center): 48 cm
Seat height: 65 cm
Seat width: 44 cm
Seat depth: 30 cm
Dimensions folded
Height: 84 cm
Length: 111 cm
Width: 42 cm
Transport dimensions - folded without wheels
Height: 68 cm
Length: 84 cm
Width: 42 cm
Transport weight - without wheels
Transport weight: 8,3 kg
User weight
Max user weight: 150 kg
Product weight
Total weight: 13,9 kg
Textile Parts - Seat & Basket
Seat base: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Seat cover: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Basket: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Reflectors: 3 frame- & 2 grip reflectors
Wheel size: 14" / 36 cm
Tire type: Air-pressured / Tire + inner tube
Tires: Trionic X-Country w. puncture protection
Inner tubes: Butyl rubber w. Schraeder/car valve
Tire dimension inch: 14 x 2.2"
Tire dimension mm: 360-57 (outer diameter-width)
Wheel rim: PA6+15%GF Injection-molded rim w. 3x2 spokes made from glass fibre reinforced high-grade nylon plastic
Ball bearings: Stainless steel / 2 pcs per wheel
Tire options: • Schwalbe Big Apple
Frame & Fork suspension
Frame: 6061-T6 aluminium, made from hydro-formed, TIG-welded and T6 heat-treated aluminium tubes (no plastic parts)
Fork suspension: Trionic Climbing Wheel - Patented. Made from extruded 6061-T6 aluminium parts
Headset: Trionic system w. 2 ball bearings
Brakes: Trionic All-Terrain hub brakes
Brake levers: Trionic all-aluminium brake levers w. Kraton rubber finger surface
Brake functions: Motion & Parking brake
Grip bar & Grips
Grip bar: 6061-T6 aluminium (no plastic parts)
Grips: Ergon GP1 grips size L 8.5-12
Ergonomic & adjustable (angle)
Grip options (upgrade):
Ergon GP1 size S 6.5-8.5
• Ergon GP1 BioKork size S 6.5-8.5
• Ergon GP1 BioKork size L 8.5-12
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