Veloped Sport 14er L black/white/white

14"/36 cm wheels • Size L • Air-pressured tires • Grip height 33.1"-41.0" • Body height 6'1"-6'11" • Seat & basket

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Veloped Sport 14er size L

Walking is probably the closest thing to perfect exercise, and it's a great way to stay in shape and lose weight.

The Veloped Sport offers you support and safety when you are exercising outdoors. It greatly reduces the impact and stress caused on your ankles, knees, hips and back when fitness walking, and it'll make you last the distance. With all its advantages you can head for green areas, walking paths and the forest.

The Veloped Sport is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). It also has a CE mark.

Dimensions & Weight

Size L
Grip height 33.1"-41.0"
Body height
Max user weight
330 lb
Guarantee 10 years excl. parts subject to normal wear
To view all the dimensions, the weight and all the technical details of this product model, please click on the second tab above.
The Veloped Sport 14er is tested and fully approved according to the European standard for rollators/walkers (ISO-11199). It also has a CE mark.

Functions & Features

The Veloped Sport 14er is equipped with the following functions and features:

14" Big Wheels

14" Big Wheels. Performance is Everything.

A bigger wheel simply performs better than a small wheel. With the 14”/36 cm big wheels you’ll manage obstacles and rough ground, and your comfort level will increase on any uneven surface.

Why bigger wheels? »
Foldable Frame

Foldable Frame. Easy Storage.

By pressing the buttons on the telescopic folding stay, you can fold the Veloped in two steps. When folded half-way, it still rolls when you push it and you can easily pass narrow doorways etc.

Learn how to fold »
Trionic Climbing Wheel

Trionic Climbing Wheel. Conquer All Obstacles.

With the unique and patented Trionic Climbing Wheel you’ll easily overcome up to 15 cm high obstacles like curbs, rocks and roots, without having to lift the Veloped at all.

Why bigger wheels? »

Slide the Seat Forward. Enjoy an Upright Posture.

When the seat is slid forward the Veloped provides plenty of walking space within the frame. This means that you can walk closer to the grip handles, which automatically results in a more upright and ergonomically correct body posture. The U-shaped and ergonomic grip bar offers several grip positions, and while seated it acts as a back support. The grip bar can be freely height-adjusted in order to suit your body height perfectly.

Additional advantages »
Slide the Seat Forward

Air-Pressured Tires

Air-Pressured Tires. Performance is Everything.

The Veloped Sport 14er is equipped with air-pressured tires that offer you a softer ride and unbeatable comfort. As they do not cause vibration like solid tires do, you are less prone to suffer pain and discomfort.

Excellent comfort »
All-Terrain Brakes

All-Terrain Brakes. Safety First.

Thanks to the Trionic All-Terrain hub brake system you can always rely on an optimal brake performance, regardless if you are walking in sunshine, pouring rain or deep snow. The brakes are fully protected from dirt, water and snow.

Optimal Safety »
Trionic Brake Lever

Trionic Brake Lever. No More Plastic.

The all-aluminium brake lever offers you a solid and high quality feel. When activating the parking brake the parking trigger is easy to operate, and it offers you three different options to engage it.

Motion- and parking brake »

Slide the Seat Forward

Seat & Basket. Water-Repellent & Durable.

The seat and the basket are both made from durable and water-repellent 600D polyester fabric.

The 25 cm deep seat can be slid forward in order to offer you greater leg space when walking.

The roomy basket has a zippered pocket for smaller items, with an integrated rain cover.

More about the textile kit »

Detachable Wheels

Detachable Wheels. Easy to Transport.

The Veloped Sport 14er has detachable wheels with push-button quick-release axles, and you can quickly and easily detach the wheels in order to minimize the transport weight and the dimensions.

Load it into your car »
Award-Winning Grips

Award-Winning Grips. Perfect for Your Hands.

The Ergon GP1 grips offer you a very comfortable grip. They are ergonomic and distribute the weight you put on them evenly. The grips are angle-adjustable and come in sizes S & L.

Ergon GP1 Grips »
All-Terrain Design

All-Terrain Design. Enjoy the Outdoors.

Thanks to its 3-wheeler design, the patented climbing wheel and considerably bigger wheels, the Veloped is the only truly off-road capable walker/rollator in the world. When walking on uneven and rough ground, the Veloped beats any rollator, every time.

All-terrain capable »

New Veloped Frame

New Veloped Frame. Stronger, Cooler, Better.

For the 2017/2018 Veloped range we have developed a completely new frame. The frame is welded from unique hydroformed 6061 alloy tubing, which guarantee you years of hard use. 2-layer powder coating and a cool sticker kit make for stunning looks.

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100% Stainless Steel

100% Stainless Steel. True Outdoor Quality.

Since years Trionic uses screws, nuts, washers, axle shafts and small parts made from stainless steel. The new 2017/2018 Veloped models also have wheel ball bearings and quick-release axles made from stainless steel.

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Trionic X-Country Tires

Trionic X-Country Tires. Lighter, Softer, Faster.

Puncture protection, skin walls, reflective logos and a carcass made from a high-quality 60 TPI weave that is supple and very strong. For You the new Trionic X-Country tire offers lighter weight, a higher comfort level and a better grip.

X-Country Tires »

Optimize Your Veloped Sport 14er

We are all unique, and we have different preferences and requirements. When ordering you can choose between different tires, tubes and grips, in order to customize your Veloped Sport 14er according to your needs.

Grip Options

Grip Options. Fit Them Like a Glove.

Customize your cockpit with different grip options. The Ergon grips are offered in two materials, rubber and BioKork, and in two sizes; S (6.5-8.5) and L (8.5-12.0).

Grip options »

User Guides

The documentation for this product includes the manuals and instructions listed below. You can choose to view the documentation online or download it for local use.

Customer Reviews

Mr Peter Baker
I Have owned my Veloped Sport 14er L for just over 3 weeks, its has made a tremendous deference to my mobility. Im a 72 year old male who suffered spinal cord damage in a mountaineering accident 18 years ago, I had been using crutches but just after Christmas I had a bad fall in wet conditions.

This set me looking for an alternative more stable supportive and important to me able to negotiate offload terrain. The Veloped arrived in secure packaging and ready for use in very short time.

It fits very well into my vehicle without having to remove the wheels, except when shopping which is quickly achieved. Importantly in this short time I have found that my walking posture has greatly improved as has the gait of my worst affected leg foot articulation.
Due to the unparalleled supportive position I’m able to achieve with the Veloped. I also now move even in the northwest Scottish winter conditions with much greater confidence.
I would recommend the veloped to anyone who requires walking support
Never again without it!
In spring I was saying:
If I can't walk better until autumn, I will buy an all-terrain rollator for the vacation in the mountains.

My walking didn’t get better and my back was always crooked while walking. My son helped me with the search and the Veloped Sport came.

Since then I have been very happy again and my life quality has changed completely. With this rollator I can walk fantastically, often I am even faster than the "normal" pedestrians and I walk upright. Field, forest and meadow paths are not a problem. In September I was in the Tauern in Austria and went with the rollator from 1600m to 1900m up to the Giglachsee, see evidence photo, and that at the age of 78. A lot of people took pictures of my rollator and often they said: "Our grandma needs something like that as well, we have never seen it before". As you can see, even the cattle below Dachstein were interested in it.

The light is more of a toy for my activities, I am seen, but the footpath is not sufficiently illuminated at night.

I can go again with the Nordic-Walking group and also with hiking groups, these are all things that I haven't been able to do since two years.

I would certainly never give it up again. For sure not!!
The assembly was easy and quick
The first ride with the Velopad was great. We were able to walk with my mother again on paths in the forest, that we last walked together years ago. This was simply not possible with the standard rollator. It was also no problem in the city, where there are plenty of sidewalks, and in department stores. We are thrilled and my mother can move more and can enjoy the flexibility she has regained. The Velopad is worth the money and has great quality. Thank you to the inventor and best regards!
A massive improvement in my life
I got my 14 inch Sport Veloped in September. It has been a massive improvement in my life. I am able to enjoy the wonderful countryside I live in. I am waiting to have my knees replaced. A superb buy!
Trionic Veloped is an excellent walking aid
Trionic Veloped works well when you are walking along pavements when it is snowy, dry or wet. It's also a very good walking aid to be used in the forest when you are walking along paths or even in more difficult conditions. If you decide to buy Trionic Veloped you won't waste your money :)
Walking again
Since buying my veloped I have been able to walk around my village and walk to my freinds again. By taking off both front and back wheels it even fits into my sports car so I can take it out for days out. It has given me a new lease of life. I only wish I 'd had it during the summer months when the weather was warmer.
Increased quality of life
Bought a Veloped for my wife who suffered from a joint problem. She is very extremely satisfied. However, I have to buy one for myself too. I'm having trouble keeping up with her on our walks.
My veloped is a beautiful peice of engineering that liberated my legs.
The Veloped enables me to walk without thinking about it despite my disability. I go over rough ground, up kerbs and in and out of shops with ease. The company was efficient, helpful, and friendly to deal with. The product is so beautifully designed that even I had no problem putting it together, or taking off the wheels to transport it.
Very good choice for a disabled girl, almost 9 years old...!
We bought the Trionic Veloped to our daughter. She is nine years old this summer so Veloped is not really suited for her size yet. But, we still think it works very well in terrain and that was exactly what we were searching, for such a long time!

Imagine if there could be a Veloped adapted for children!
Robust, designed to be fit for purpose and that was just the cardboard crate!
From the start dealing with this company has been really good, Stefan that means you as individual, but much more than that the ethos of the company not only shone out in the response to my first tentative enquiry but in the ongoing communication through the purchasing process and continuing since I received the cardboard crate and its wondrous contents. Wondrous is the word I use because on every level the Trionic Velopod met and surpassed all my expectations plus making me aware of things I needed but did not realise until I began to use the machine. It has been tested in supermarket, busy high streetand sports stadium, mountain track, forestry trail, beach and stream. Without fail it has met my needs, carried shopping, rucksack, tripod and camera, picnic and much else besides all with no noticable difference in its manovarability. The change from urban to all terrain wheel set up is very easy to achieve even with hands that find it difficult to grip. The settings really do make a difference and certainly helped me achieve things I have not managed for a number of years. The delight to be able to take myself and dogs in to the forestry and traverse the tracks and streams we encountered was and is wondrous. To be able to go round a farmers market able to purchase fresh produce and not worry about causing myself pain as three cloth bags fitted easily in to the cavernous basket of the Veloped so that in season veggies and some special treats were safely transported to my car where bags were easily transfered as well as the Veloped itself, which really does fold up to a very manageable size and with the easily removed wheels becomes light enough for me to lift in to the car. The wheels travel resting between the folded up Veloped so don't take up any more room so that, in my case, there is room for two dogs to travel too. The build of the Veloped is of a very high specification, all welds are clean and unobtrusive. It looks robust and has indeed proved to be robust, giving me a real sense of stability and reliability even crossing a stone filled stream. The lack of horrendous jarring even on forestry tracks is really excellent and then in a supermarket being able to reduce its width was very helpful and facinated one small shopper who was riding in their mothers trolley:0) The Veloped has given me the confidence to go away alone, barring dogs, and know that I would be able to unload my car at destination and take bags across a field to our holiday home. The car would have become bogged down but the Veloped even well loaded made light of the spongey ground and did not become difficult for me to manouvre. Yes, the Veloped is not a cheap purchase in fact on a limited budget it made me think long and seriously. However, you REALLY do get what you pay for when you purchase the Trionic Veloped... great service from the company, a thought out well designed and executed machine, the sense that any problem no matter how small will be sorted with the same care and attention taken in the making and selling. BUT much more than these important elements the Veloped has, for me, given me real sense of possibility and even more importantly given me the confidence to begin again to exercise through walking regularly with my stable robust friend who generously carries my rucksack and lets me sit on their lap whenever I need:0)
My Veloped has changed my life
Since the operation to remove a tumour from my spinal cord, I can only walk with two crutches and this is a slow and painful process. I was finally told about rollators but thought they looked feeble and unattractive. My wish was to walk on the beach, or on cobbles in town. After searching the internet I came across the Trionic Veloped, and with little hesitation ordered one. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I can now walk further and a little faster, with confidence and without the fear of falling. It has opened up my world again. I can't recommend the Trionic Veloped highly enough.
Still grinnin' from ear to ear.
It has been nearly nine months since I bought my Trionic Veloped, and it is still the best investment that I have ever made. Even though I can only walk short distances (Herniated disc at L4/L5, and osteoarthritis my in hips, as well as suffering from HCM), I can still walk 6 or 8 kilometres along our forest tracks in the local national park, as long as I stop for a rest every five minutes or so, that's when the seat comes in very handy.

I'm a nature lover and I try to get out into our wonderful forests every chance that I can, and this outdoor wheelie walker allows me to enjoy nature, and best of all......ENJOY LIFE!
Life changing
Multiple Sclerosis has stopped me from walking my dogs for a year or two. I bought a Trionic Veloped Sport & we now all enjoy regular walks. I no longer fall due to balance issues & when I need a rest, the seat is invaluable. The Veloped is light enough to lift in to my car back seat, with dogs in the boot. It copes well with rough & muddy ground. After a month of use, I am getting value with plenty of use & improved quality of life for all of us. The Veloped is very well made. I have another walker, which bears no comparison when it comes to quality or capability. 10/10 Thank you Stefan!
The Out Door Champion.
I have tried locally available walkers and found them ok on flat, level and smooth surfaces any cracks or bumps they, like super market trollies in the car parks, go their own way.
I went to the internet and googled "All Terrain Walkers" and up came the Veloped in far away Sweden. From the time I made my initial enquiry to receiving my Veloped was one week, distance and language not a problem . Thank you Stefan. Less trouble than going to the corner store.
The Veloped is not for doing the rounds of the kitchen table, I wanted a walker that would allow me to negotiate a steep driveway, very soft and spongy grassed areas with the occasional out crop of sandstone rocks, the Veloped does all this.
It has hub brakes that really work, giving more confidence and better control on the downhill, on the uphill lock them and take a seat, they will not let you down. I am sure that the Veloped will do all that the many Youtube clips demonstrate.
I am 91 (YOB 1923) and not quite as nimble as some of the demonstrators, but I am getting to places that were impossible pre Veloped.
I recommend the Veloped as an outdoor walker to all who are beginning to feel the hills are getting a little steeper.
Jack Ray
Cheltenham NSW Australia
The Veloped Has Changed My Life - Yippee!
My bicycle accident, four years ago, left me with such poor balance, that I struggled to walk with a stick. In fact, I found myself very reluctant to walk even short distances. There is the standard red rollator, something many elderly people have, but I wanted something better looking and needed something more practical. The life-changing Veloped has done all of that. The day after it arrived, I walked one mile! Incredible! I don't even have to search pavements for the dropped kerb. My Veloped overcomes normal kerbs with its cleverly-designed twin front wheels. If it rains, there is even a cover for it. It is an absolute dream and I feel very proud to walk with it and to be seen with it. I must say, "Well done and Congratulations!" to Stefan Kindberg for the smart design, coupled with the amount of detail, care and thoughtfulness he put into creating it.
Field report after one year of use
The advert and description in the brochure is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated. Disadvantageous or not optimal are the tyres. The air escapes too fast. A severely handicapped person will then usually find it very difficult, because a petrol station etc., is not always nearby. Here, at the company. use should be made of better quality tubes. That should be included in this purchase price.

Burckhard Baar, Munich
Super Walker!
Dream device! I get everywhere with this Walker. Obstacles are no problem! It is not exactly inexpensive, but I would buy it again.
It is a great companion that I was allowed to test for 14 days. I can only recommend it to everyone; you can overcome all obstacles with it. I am vision-impaired and because of that I move very uncertainly when outside, but thanks to my faithful companion, I can again participate in life independently.

Thanks to the Veloped Sport, I can maintain a natural upright posture that is very important. I can only recommend it to everyone.
A whole new quality of life for my husband with Parkinson's disease
Last week my husband asked me for a rollator that he had otherwise strictly rejected. On the Internet I quickly came across the company Trionic. The communication with Mr. Kindberg via chat and phone was great. Ordered on Tuesday and assembled on Thursday. My husband is thrilled and happy that he can walk over rough and smooth surfaces and walk over fields and meadows. This Veloped will rescue him from his helplessness while walking and take away the fear of falling. I say again and again: how good that there is the Internet!
A new life for my mother!
Never before in my life have I been able to give such a beautiful gift. It is not the device, but what the device has made possible for her again...walks in the countryside...she is a new person since she's been travelling with Veloped. It opens up a new quality of life in old age. Thank you. Just thank you.
100% happy and satisfied
There's nothing better than the Veloped
Really good
Very good, accurate and quick responses over chat, always very friendly, fast delivery, clear and punctual. all accessories were mounted on the Veloped, all you had to do was put on the tires. The Veloped is just great, my daughter has a lot better quality in her life right now! It's just so "cool", the Veloped!
"No more sitting around watching life go by"
Wow my Dad has recently bought a Trionic Veloped All Terrain Walker Rollator, no more sitting around watching the family having fun,he's joining in on the walks, shopping trips,and even started having holidays again,(that makes Mum happy!!),they've been on several coach holidays with the Trionic,it's so light and easily folds for putting in the boot, the seat on it is a life saver too, getting tired just have a sit down and off you go again,Mum puts the shopping in the front bag too,take a look on YouTube for the demonstration video,it's fantastic Dad wishes he had one year ago, money well spent,it will last for years, great aftercare from the company too. 10/10 Thank you well done guys :0)
Anxiety followed by satisfaction
Was concerned that it was a big commitment to enter blind but in the event it turned out well.
Trionic Veloped is an excellent walking aid
Trionic Veloped works well when you are walking along pavements, when it is snowy, dry or wet. It's also a very good walking aid to be used in the forest when you are walking along paths or even in more difficult conditions. If you decide to buy Trionic Veloped you won't waste your money :)
Dimensions & Weight
Frame size: L
Grip height (adjustable): 33.1" - 41"
Recommended body height: 6'1" - 6'11"
Length: 42.1"
Width: 31.1"
Grip width (center-center): 18.9"
Seat height: 25.6"
Seat width: 17.5"
Seat depth: 10"
Dimensions folded
Height: 33.1"
Length: 43.7"
Width: 16.5"
Transport dimensions - folded without wheels
Height: 26.8"
Length: 33.1"
Width: 16.5"
Transport weight - without wheels
Transport weight: 18.3 lbs
User weight
Max user weight: 330 lbs
Product weight
Total weight: 29.7 lbs
Textile Parts - Seat & Basket
Seat base: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Seat cover: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Basket: 600D polyester, water-repellent w. PU-cover on reverse side
Reflectors: 3 frame- & 2 grip reflectors
Wheel size: 14"
Tire type: Air-pressured / Tire + inner tube
Tires: Trionic X-Country w. puncture protection
Inner tubes: Butyl rubber w. Schraeder/car valve
Tire dimension inch: 14 x 2.2"
Tire dimension mm: 360-57 (outer diameter-width)
Wheel rim: PA6+15%GF Injection-molded rim w. 3x2 spokes made from glass fibre reinforced high-grade nylon plastic
Ball bearings: 2 pcs per wheel
Tire options (upgrade): • Schwalbe Big Apple
Frame & Fork suspension
Frame: 6061-T6 aluminium, made from machine-formed, TIG-welded and T6 heat-treated aluminium tubes (no plastic parts)
Fork suspension: Trionic Climbing Wheel - Patented. Made from extruded 6061-T6 aluminium parts
Headset: Trionic system w. 2 ball bearings
Brakes: Trionic All-Terrain hub brakes
Brake levers: Trionic all-aluminium brake levers w. Kraton rubber finger surface
Brake functions: Motion & Parking brake
Grip bar & Grips
Grip bar: 6061-T6 aluminium (no plastic parts)
Grips: Ergon GP1 grips size L 8.5-12
Ergonomic & adjustable (angle)
Grip options (upgrade):
Ergon GP1 size S 6.5-8.5
• Ergon GP1 BioKork size S 6.5-8.5
• Ergon GP1 BioKork size L 8.5-12
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