Payment Options

Choose between 3 payment options

As a Trionic customer you can choose between 3 payment options:

  • Card payment
  • PayPal
  • Manual payment / Bank transfer

Card payment Visa / Mastercard

You enter your card details into a secure online-order form when making your purchase in our webshop.

Card payments are handled by our payment service provider STRIPE. All transactions between a customer and Trionic Sverige AB, as well as between Trionic Sverige AB and STRIPE, are always protected and safeguarded by utilising secure technology standards (SSL/HTTPS).


You create a PayPal account online, SSL-certified, and transfer the purchase amount to your PayPal-account via your bank or credit card.

You can also pay directly with your credit card, without opening a PayPal account.

Manual prepayment / Bank transfer

By choosing manual payment, you will be contacted by Trionic Sverige AB. You receive detailed banking and payment information, in order to arrange for the payment of your order. After Trionic has received your payment, your order is shipped

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