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Veloped Sport 12er M navy/red/white


Robust, designed to be fit for purpose and that was just the cardboard crate!

From the start dealing with this company has been really good, Stefan that means you as individual, but much more than that the ethos of the company not only shone out in the response to my first tentative enquiry but in the ongoing communication through the purchasing process and continuing since I received the cardboard crate and its wondrous contents. Wondrous is the word I use because on every level the Trionic Velopod met and surpassed all my expectations plus making me aware of things I needed but did not realise until I began to use the machine. It has been tested in supermarket, busy high streetand sports stadium, mountain track, forestry trail, beach and stream. Without fail it has met my needs, carried shopping, rucksack, tripod and camera, picnic and much else besides all with no noticable difference in its manovarability. The change from urban to all terrain wheel set up is very easy to achieve even with hands that find it difficult to grip. The settings really do make a difference and certainly helped me achieve things I have not managed for a number of years. The delight to be able to take myself and dogs in to the forestry and traverse the tracks and streams we encountered was and is wondrous. To be able to go round a farmers market able to purchase fresh produce and not worry about causing myself pain as three cloth bags fitted easily in to the cavernous basket of the Veloped so that in season veggies and some special treats were safely transported to my car where bags were easily transfered as well as the Veloped itself, which really does fold up to a very manageable size and with the easily removed wheels becomes light enough for me to lift in to the car. The wheels travel resting between the folded up Veloped so don't take up any more room so that, in my case, there is room for two dogs to travel too. The build of the Veloped is of a very high specification, all welds are clean and unobtrusive. It looks robust and has indeed proved to be robust, giving me a real sense of stability and reliability even crossing a stone filled stream. The lack of horrendous jarring even on forestry tracks is really excellent and then in a supermarket being able to reduce its width was very helpful and facinated one small shopper who was riding in their mothers trolley:0) The Veloped has given me the confidence to go away alone, barring dogs, and know that I would be able to unload my car at destination and take bags across a field to our holiday home. The car would have become bogged down but the Veloped even well loaded made light of the spongey ground and did not become difficult for me to manouvre. Yes, the Veloped is not a cheap purchase in fact on a limited budget it made me think long and seriously. However, you REALLY do get what you pay for when you purchase the Trionic Veloped... great service from the company, a thought out well designed and executed machine, the sense that any problem no matter how small will be sorted with the same care and attention taken in the making and selling. BUT much more than these important elements the Veloped has, for me, given me real sense of possibility and even more importantly given me the confidence to begin again to exercise through walking regularly with my stable robust friend who generously carries my rucksack and lets me sit on their lap whenever I need:0)

Daisy Winifred

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